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Goal and Purpose

Mission Statement

The sog18 aims at focussing its activities on central phenomena of the long 18th century – by stimulating research as well as by interpreting and procuring their results. The “long” 18th century will be understood as the period between the last third of the 17th and the first third of the 19th century.

Areas of interest in South Eastern Europe in the 18th century consist of:

  • The Eastern Provinces of the Habsburg Monarchy
  • Moldavia and Walachia
  • The European Provinces of the Ottoman Empire
  • The Venetian Territories along the East Adriatic Cost and in the Ionian Sea
  • Neighbouring areas in Central Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, the Near East and Eastern Europe.

The mission consists of enriching the interdisciplinary and interregional research, promoting of young scholars and disseminating the results of 18th century research for the benefit of a larger interested public, consisting of planned research projects, workshops, conferences, but also print and online publications as well as exhibitions etc.




Society for 18th Century Studies on South Eastern Europe
c/o Institute of History Mozartgasse 3, 8010 GRAZ, AUSTRIA


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